Perovskites solar cells (PSCs) have already bested all other types of thin film PV, and most silicon PV technologies, in terms of research efficiencies. In 11 short years, PSCs have increased to a record 25.4% conversion efficiency, a feat that silicon achieved over a long, seventy-year period. Soon, PSCs will surpass all other solar cell technologies and achieve efficiencies nearing 30% for single junction devices and potentially up to 40% for two-junction, tandem devices. PSCs also use far smaller raw material quantities, energy, and no rare-earth elements in their production.

Perovskite Solar Cell

Hunt has created and patented materials and methods that can produce stable, high performing PSCs that cost significantly less than other types of PV solar devices.

To date, Hunt Perovskite Technologies is the only known solution-based perovskite solar technology developer that has succeeded in demonstrating high durability under accelerated light, moisture and temperature testing for non-hermetically sealed PSC devices and unprotected perovskite materials, while maintaining respectable light-to-power conversion efficiencies of greater than 18%. As a durability example, Hunt’s PSCs have demonstrated that greater than 90% of their initial performance is retained after 1000 hours testing under persistent 1 sun irradiation at 75oC. This has been accomplished through innovative chemistries and device architectural designs that are protected by Hunt’s 18 US and 30 international patents in the perovskite PV field, along with the many other patents pending.

Partnering with Hunt

Hunt has an exemplary record of building innovative, world-class and enduring ventures in the oil and gas, LNG, refining, electric utility and power sectors throughout its 86 year history.   Hunt’s energy technology business unit,  Hunt Energy Enterprises (HEE), builds on Hunt’s entrepeneurial energy legacy and provides a unique and efficient platform for developing disruptive energy technology ventures.

Through Hunt Perovskite Technologies, Hunt has built a competency and platform that holds great promise in new energy and electronic applications.   Building on its proven ability to internally develop innovative, new technologies, Hunt is now interested in exploring relationships with new partners in the capital markets, materials, equipment, energy and PV sectors, in order to most effectively deliver advanced perovskite technology to the market.


Hunt has recognized its patented perovskite technology’s potential for utilization in a wide variety of solar applications such as utility-scale power generation, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and flexible products. Together, these varied applications will maximize the benefit and impact of solar on improving the environment.

Raising Capital

Hunt Perovskite Technologies is currently seeking new partners, both strategic and financial, as a way to accelerate commercialization and market development. It is an opportunity to secure a position in the future of PV by joining the technical leader in the most promising PV technology in forty years.