Here at Hunt Perovskite Technologies, our highly-skilled team of scientists and engineers has designed our own stable and efficient perovskite solar cell from the ground-up.

Our Team



Burton is chief executive officer of Hunt Perovskite Technologies. Burton previously served as CEO of Reel Solar, CEO of Parity Solar, COO of Solibro GmbH, and headed up technology acquisitions for Hanergy Group. Burton is experienced in solar panel manufacturing and was also involved in the development, financing and construction of over 100 photovoltaic projects in China, USA, Germany and Italy. He has also established successful manufacturing businesses in China and Malaysia for Seagate, Advanced Energy, Brooks Automation and Keystone Inc. Burton holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an M.S. in Materials Science from Stanford University.



Michael D. Irwin received a BA in Chemistry (2003) from Texas A&M and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Northwestern University (2009). Dr. Irwin currently holds 29 issued US patents and over 40 issued international patents, and has 18 publications. Dr. Irwin is currently CTO of Hunt Perovskite Technologies where he focuses on the development of metal halide perovskite materials and their application in solar photovoltaics.



Vivek V. Dhas is Project Technology Manager at Hunt Perovskite Technologies, managing the company’s R&D operations. He joined Hunt in 2013 as a senior device engineer. Prior to Hunt, he was working as a post-doc at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) on dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) technology based on novel organic molecules. To date, Vivek has several U.S. as well as international patents and publications on DSSC and metal halide perovskite solar cell technology. Vivek earned a Master of Science in Physics from Ahmednagar Collage, Ahmednagar, India and a PhD in Physics from University of Pune, National Chemical Laboratory with a focus on metal oxide-based nanomaterials and their application for solar energy technology.